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Javanese calendar - Wetons

The Javanese birthday or Weton is an important day for Javanese people it consists of a 35 day cycle which starts at birth . The Javanese believe this day is for contemplation and getting in touch with one's different aspects. They also see this day as a day on which one is vulnerable to external and internal influences, so one should prepare by fasting or other exercises. It is customary to make a special offering on this day. The Weton is considered to start at 15:00 the day before. This is why you need to fill in the hour of birth at the time zone where you were born

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  Hour of birth (if you know)  

Timezone of place of birth =>Hours from Java

Here is a very special day called the Windu .It is the 8 lunar year where values of the Javanese calendar converges. Especially the 64th lunar year (8x8) This day is regarded as one of the most important in a persons life in terms of the javanese calendar.

Here are all your Birthdays and the javanese days they land on for an eighty year period . When your Birthday lands on your Weton , is a time to pay special attention to.

Here are all your javanese Birthdays - Wetons for last year, this year and next. These are days you may want to pay attention to.

Here is a javanese calendar for three months forward.