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29 August 2010

We have been down for a little while, some problems with our registration. All sorted now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

20 April 2009

We have a new picture blog on this adress this makes it much easier to post new pictures to the site.

1 Jan, 2007

See panorama on the left to see our progress on land developement.

23 October, 2006

We moved Kalki ! and it was a heavy one. thumb_Kalki5small (3K)

10 October, 2006

Finally after many tries we have managed to buy the last piece of land we were missing to complete the first stage of the temple. See plan

1 October, 2006

Facelift for this website. Have cut down a lot on the use of javascript. The layout has been modernised and snazzed up a bit. Not the whole website has been done yet, mainly the events part for now.

23 September, 2006

September Equinox, exciting this is the first time we have been able to see the sun properly in the two gateways some picturesSeptember Equinox(5K)

10 July, 2006

A new Picture collection from the time around the June solstice is Solstice pics


Welcome to Sahasra Adhi Pura.

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Our temple complex has three functions , all interrelated. We are :

  1. A fully functioning Javanese Hindu temple:

    Sahasra Adhi Pura is a Hindu Temple complex with the full pantheon of Javanese Hindu deities represented in statues and stone reliefs. The temple structures are arrayed over several acres of rice field in the form of the Great Mother Goddess. We fulfill many functions (as temples in Asian countries often do) - providing a meeting place for the community, a place to pray, seek healing, and to celebrate Hindu Holy days and other sacred occasions with the traditional offerings, a Hindu priest and Javanese Gamelan orchestra.

  2. A living, breathing Kundalini Yoga center:

    We have all the facilities to perform traditional Javanese tapas such as water meditation, sun meditation etc. We are set up to teach people who are interested and who have the aptitude (and fortitude) to learn Pak Hardjanta's system of Kundalini yoga.

  3. The argo project:

    The Argo is a small temple complex in itself, enclosed within the belly of Sahasra's Goddess temple. We have built scaled replicas of fifty sacred sites from all around the world and brought them together in order to preserve this ancient wisdom for future generations. The name 'Argo' comes from the star constellation Argo, named for the legendary Greek ship of the Argonauts, vessel of the Golden Fleece (sacred inheritance). At Sahasra, the Argo functions to connect with the spiritual heritage of many ages of man, which is being lost on a daily basis.
    More information about the Argo project.

Pak Hardjanto, the founder of our temple
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  1. The World-Problem is the problem of Man, and it can never be solved if the problem of man has not yet been solved.
  2. Man is what he is conscious of. Hence, the problem of man is the Problem of Consciousness.
  3. Content and Scope of the Consciousness are ultimately determined by Knowledge and Experience.
  4. Knowledge transcends experience i.e. knowledge reaches Ultimate, Objective Truth; the Basic Phenomenon, while experience is still confined by Instinct, Emotion and Intellect, resulting in Inner Disharmony. Hence, the Inner Conflict.
  5. This inner Conflict is reflected into the Outer Conflict, of which the modern world is the intrinsic Phenomenon.
  6. Inner Harmony which will be reflected into Outer Harmony is the result of knowledge and experience in Perfect Equilibrium.
  7. If the Universal Harmony is to be achieved, experience too must reach Ultimate, Objective Truth : the Basic Phenomenon. In other words : it must transcend Instinct, Emotion and Reason.
  8. This can only be attained by Self-Knowledge and Self-Rule. Hence, science, Self-Knowledge and Self-Rule must be the “Fundamental Anschauung (Concept)” of Man. In one word; “Self-Realization!” Self Realization is the Law, Self Realization is the way to Wisdom Philosophy, the exact meaning of the Mardika! (kavi: Liberty.)
  9. This Institute is the Executive Body of this Law, which will reflect World-Harmony, World-Order and World-Peace: The Ultimate Aim of UNESCO as proclaimed in the Preamble of its Charter, bringing with it: The Final Solution of World-Problem!

(Precepts of the Global Metaphysical Institute, W.Hardjanta Pradjapangarsa, as proposed to UNESCO.)